Andrew Ladd

*the author, not the hockey player


I'm the author of the award-winning novel What Ends, which the critics generally agreed was quite good. (Nobody was more surprised than me.)

It's not just the novel

I've also published lots of other work, from short stories, to a variety of creative and journalistic nonfiction, to book reviews and other marginalia across the internet.

Though I work for a web design agency during the day, I happily freelance on the side as a writer and editor. If you have a project you want help with, please do get in touch!

About me

I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, then spent a decade kicking around North America, earning a BA in sociology from McGill University in Montreal, an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston, and working as an immigration paralegal in New York. I've lived in London since 2014.

During the day I'm also a digital strategist working in the arts.